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    Why am I constantly having problems with my password?
    Also Why is the group adding a 3rd show to Hawaii but there are very limited and unaffordable tickets to the TD GARDNEN BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS AUGUST 14th.
    I am a Fan Club Member and feel that if they can add dates to Hawaiii that they should also add dates t Boston for those of us who are on disability or poor and can only afford Fan Club Tickets, why is this happening???
    We have been Fans for years and met AJ and Kevin years ago at The Willowbend Golf Tournament in Cape Cod Massachusetts and have pictures to proove ot we have gone to their smallest venues and always supported their solo albumns as well as Nick Carter's Racing Boat #13 career!
    My Husband went blind from cataracts in both his eyes in September-November and we had to pay for the surgeries, I have been sick and getting infusions at the hospital weekly for a Gastric Surgery it is etremely depressing to feel like BSB is forgettig some of the Fans with hardships and it has been made impossible to get tickets for myself my Husband and we need to bring my SERVICE DOG as well we want to get DNA Circle meet and Greet tickets and any tickets are almost $200 to $1,000 and over resale PLEASE HELP US! I don't think it's fair nor do I believe if BSB were aware of all the fans NOT being given a chance to by reasonable tickets with upgrades they would think it was fair if it wasn't for their fans as Brian has said himself They wouldn't be a big as thy are today PLEASE HELP US WITH TICKETS from FanClub and DNA ircle Meet and Greet options as a Fan Club member because treating disabled and poor fans this way isn't right!

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    Congratulations! This is awesome ????????

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    Congratulations on winning SOTM!