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    With the cruise over and now the new single out and video I am patently waiting for the boys to get back to doing Vegas. I get to go for my second round in August and simply cannot wait. Concerts alone make everything in the world seem great so this being a bsb concert is gonna make my entire year! I cant wait to see if the boys play different songs this time around in Vegas or if they are...

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    Hi Everybody! Is anyone else going to AJ MCLEAN'S BACK YARD PARTY??

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    Ok, I've been off the boat long enough and have finally recovered my land legs and sleep so I'll leave a review of my time from the Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018. For starters this was my first time ever doing any kind of a cruise let alone a Backstreet Boys one. I went in a little worried about how everything would go. It was very exciting upon stepping onto the boat seeing the boys'...