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    Hi all, OMG I did not remind that to do Cookies takes so long and is anyhow so funny. Jajajajaja the easy part put it into the oven. jajajajajajjaja. Once it comes to decorate the creatives as well as none get from cookie to cookie out of topics jajajajjajajajajjaja. It is the funniest thing on earth to do and having time with your family. Christmas is that for me having...

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    About last Saturday. Comic Con Dortmund, who was there? I was! And wow I have no other words for the M&G with Nick! Love love love it. Hope to see them all soon again!

  3. Carmen Casillas Zimmermann avatar

    We are in December and your songs as well as other are overcoming me. Today I discovered H.o.l.y, I listen from Lewis Capaldi Someone you loved (it makes me understand my dad when he lost Mom last year 18th December 2018), Let it me be me from you and Steve AOKI, I listen Always remember us this way from Lady Gaga from the film A star was born of Bradley Cooper, I like the sound of that of...


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