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  1. Karina Coss avatar

    ¡Hola! Mi hermana y yo nos aferramos a conseguir dos entradas PIT y finalmente, gracias a los dioses, conseguimos nuestros PITs en la tercera preventa que, como sabemos, se trata del primer concierto. La cosa es que son de jueves y yo trabajo en vespertino, no creo conseguir permiso porque recién entré a la nueva empresa, estoy buscando a alguien que me cambie dos boletos PIT de sábado...

  2. BrainHasMyHeart avatar I just had to do a blog congratulating Nick and Lauren Carter. I am so glad that they did a exclusive with ET. It was so heart felt and had me in tears but happy tears. I love how protective and manly Nick is. He is such a wonderful father and will protect her with...

  3. Shannon L avatar

    I am so stoked to be seeing the boys in Japan on October 13th. It just so happens to be our 7 wedding anniversary and 12th as a couple so it made this date so much more exciting. I was hoping to get some Meet and Greet tickets but I was not as lucky. I am just happy that I get to see the show and the boys :):)