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    Can’t wait till September so I can go to the St Louis concert with my bestie. This concert will be much more enjoyable because I will be with someone who wants to be there. Looking forward to seeing the men perform .

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    Hi all! I'm coming to the April 17th show in Vegas, flying over from Australia for it and since it's near my birthday I treated myself to a VIP meet & greet. I'm dying even just typing that because I am so excited and nervous. I've been obsessed with BSB since I was 6, there is 25 years of pent up love ready to explode out haha! I will probably cry a lot when it happens. As I'm...

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    I had some questions. I'm debating on going to see the Backstreet Boys for my birthday to Vegas. I don't have tickets yet but was wondering if your in the pit are they on the main stage most of the time If not what are the best seats back from the pit? Also which is better to spend more time the after party which I have never done or the vip sound check which I have done. Thanks for...


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