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    Hey! I'm hoping someone might have a video of Brian giving out his rose during SOMH on April 10th. My mom was the lucky lady and I'd really appreciate it :)

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    Omg i just recieved my email about when and where to go for my meet and greet with the boys in 1 day. Omg shit just got real 1 day i cannot believe it. I have already almost lost my voice because of my excitement and i am super nervous too. I watched Howie's live last friday and it was amazing but made me nervous. I leave in a couple hours for vegas which is great because i get to get there and...

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    Hey there :) I got to buy DNA circle tickets for the concerts i,m attending so i need to sell the rest of the tickets. I have 2 Golden circle for Paris, Munich, Vienna, Berlin and Hannover. All of them original price from the presale. contact me if you are interested:)


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