News article image Soldier of the Month: April 2020 – Meet Brittany
April 08, 2020

Soldier of the Month: April 2020 – Meet Brittany

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In the last 10 years, the Backstreet Boys have had a few huge moments – from Kevin Richardson coming back to the group to getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some fans commented on the Soldier of the Month contest that they thought the “In A World Like This” tour was the biggest moment and it was huge.

But for Brittany Mack from New Jersey, she broke it down to two picks – the Las Vegas Resident and the DNA era.

“I think the first one was the Las Vegas Residency,” Brittany said. “I think that that Vegas residency put them back on the map in the industry. They were the fastest-selling residency in Las Vegas history and from there they started getting noticed in the industry again.”

But the DNA album release and tour pushed them in the spotlight even more, she said.

“The ‘DNA’ album put them back on the charts where they had not been in years and then their world tour seemed to show that they still got it going on,” the self-proclaimed Frick & Frack girl said. “They were selling out arenas all over the world.”

According to Brittany, “DNA” wouldn’t have had the success it did if it weren’t for the success of the residency. “I think that the Las Vegas residency helped show the world who the backstreet boys were but the ‘DNA’ album release gave them the commercial success they have not seen since the early 2000s, which is why I think that those were the two biggest moments for the Backstreet Boys in the last decade,” she said.

However, if Brittany had to pick just one – Vegas or “DNA” – which would she choose?

“I would say the Vegas Residency,” she said. “As fans we never stopped loving them, but media seemed to turn on them and after the success of the first Vegas residency leg, the boys were working with Florida Georgia Line and performing on award shows with them. The Vegas residency and them being the fastest-selling artist for residency's seemed to give the boys a new wave of success they had not seen in the last decade.”

Meet Brittany, who goes by Brittany Nicole on social media, your Soldier of the Month for April 2020!

Fan Club Username: Brittany Nicole  

Twitter: brittnicole929

Where are you from?: New Jersey

What do you do for a living?: I am a Benefits specialist for a Health Savings Plan Company (Nothing exciting)

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was born and raised in NJ. I am married to my amazing husband who supports my love of BSB even if he does not understand and a fur momma to a Chiweenie named Lexie. I love traveling (London, Barcelona and Las Vegas are some of my favorite locations to travel to.) Outside of the Backstreet Boys I am a massive Harry Potter fan. I love reading, spending time with my family and friends and attending concerts in general.

How long have you been a BSB fan?: Since 1997

How did you become a fan?: I was at a friend’s house watching the BOX music network when the quit playing games video came on. Nick smiled and I was hooked.

When was the first time you saw BSB in concert?: August 8th, 1998 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas NV

What is your favorite BSB memory?: My favorite BSB memory would the “DNA” album release weekend in NYC and winning the I Heart Radio contest for their “DNA” album release party. Leading into the Boys being at GMA, the Album release party and the CD signing my friend and I were only attending the CD signing. So, we had booked a hotel in the city to get the CD signing wrist bands and just have a fu night out. Then two days before GMA my friend was emailed that she won tickets for GMA. After GMA, we headed over to get in line for the CD signing wristbands and I received a call stating I was a grand prize winner. My friend and I would be not only attending the album release party, we would be receiving a meet and greet with the boys and would be joining them onstage to ask them a question. Going into it I was freaking out that I was going to be alone to ask the question but on the way to the CD release party I got a call back stating my friend would be joining me on stage. It was is my favorite memory not only because I had that special moment with the boys, but I was also able to share it with one of my closet BSB friends.

What is your favorite BSB song and why?: Oh this is a hard questions but I would say its a tie between “I wanna be with you,” “Back to your heart,” and “OK.”

What is your favorite BSB video and why?: I love so many videos but I would have to go with either “Quit Playing Games” because it is the video that made me faIl in love with the Backstreet Boys or “I'll Never Break your heart” (THE EUROPEAN VERSION LOL) there is just something about this video that I have always loved.

Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy and why?: Brian and Nick I would say are my favorites. Nick has always been my favorite there was always something about him that i was drawn to and then I met him and he was just absolutely amazing. Brian since the beginning was up with Nick as my favorite over the last few years Brian and I have had some amazing memories at meet and greets, at the disaster play on Broadway, during the 2016 cruise and when I won the I Heart contest. As my friends like to say Brian and I are a lot a like which may be why I am drawn to him but at the end of the day I just adore both Nick and Brian.

How has BSB impacted your life?: The Backstreet Boys came out right before I started high school. When I started High school that’s when I started getting bullied and the boys’ music was my happy place. Since then the boys’ music has been there through the good, bad and ugly in my life. When both my grandfathers died the boys has released albums first “Never Gone” then “In a world like this.” “Never Gone” (the song) and “Soldier: were the songs that helped me deal with their passing. I celebrated my engagement and honeymoon (with friends my husband refuses to go to a show) seeing the boys. The boys and their music are my happy place.

What is your favorite thing about being a BSB fan?: All the fans I have met from all over the world who share the love for the boys that I do.

Did you get to go to Vegas to see the boys? How about the DNA Tour?: I saw the Vegas residency 4 times and the DNA tour 3 times. Both Vegas and DNA tour I was supposed to do one show/trip each.

What has been your favorite BSB moment over the past 26 years?: Seeing the boys re-gain the success they have in the last few years and the Las Vegas Residency

What do you think about how popular the boys have gotten again? And a whole new generation of BSB fans?: I am so proud of the boys because as a fan, I know how hard they have worked and how much they deserve this. They have always had so much talent and they truly deserve all the success in the world because not only are they talented, but they truly are grateful for the fans and super amazing to us at meet and greets. The new generation of fans reminds me how old I am LOL but seriously its amazing to see a new generation of fans who love these boys and their music as much as we do. What's one thing you are most looking forward to with the future of the Backstreet Boys? For the boys, it is watching them continue to sell out shows and show the world how amazing and talented they are. As a fan I am looking forward to another leg of the DNA, another CD or two and I wouldn't mind another Vegas residency