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    Hola, compre el meet para el 05 de marzo, pero no sabemos a que hora sera y donde?

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    That comments from that girl from Argentina (my country) knows nothing about how hard is getting a VIP, what she was saying was the lack of information about how this goes.

    Saying that the Boys should cancel all the VIP the people get, so they can sale for the ones who didn’t get one is insane.

    The thing is this, like every time the Boys came to Latin America, there’s always “new” fans, she became a member of the site 5 months ago (since the Boys announce the tour), so she has 5 months to google it or at least ask how is dinamic of the sale of tickets/VIP.

    About the Time Zone, it was hilarious, there is a time difference between USA and the rest of Latin America, and like you say she could google it or look at the world time at her phone.

    The 3 countries: Argentina, Chile y Brazil are like playing the Hunger Games, we sold out what they sold to us. Look at Brazil, sold out on tickets in 22 minutes, that is insane.

    So, is sad that not everyone can’t afford or get the VIP, but like you say they can’t take a photo with all the fans, they have a limited time to do it so of course we have to pay for that experience. I was lucky enough to get my VIP.

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    VIP general sale is just of the VIPs that weren't sold during the fan club sale.... they do this since 2011, the fan club has a 24-hour priority to buy VIPs; after that, they open the sales for anyone who wants to purchase a VIP.... what happens in Brazil, and in Argentina, is, there are NO VIPs LEFT! NEVER! they ALWAYS sell out... so the general sale NEVER happens...! yes, it was confusing, but just cuz this was the very first time they officially told people this happens...! but there are NO separate sales, they don't reserve a number of VIPs for general sale...! they sell whatever number of VIPs, and that's pretty much it.

    about the sale hours: they say Pacific Time, so u just google "world times" and check at what time the sale will take place in your country... not that hard... if u don't know how to use google, your cell phone also has World Time.... check it! don't blame the Boys for your laziness...

    they sell about 200 VIPs per concert, so A LOT of fans won't get a VIP.... it's not the website's fault, it's not the Boys' fault, it's just a math matter... 30,000 people trying, and 200 VIPs available, over half the people won't get it... i know it can be unfair, but that's how it is... the Boys can't take pictures with all 30,000 fans that will be at the concert, no matter how much they wanna do that...! it's impossible... but there are other ways to meet the Boys, Latin American fans know that better than anyone..! ;)

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    Why the contact support is not working ?????

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    Finally in life I could be at the same place as u guys and be able to go to a concert and there is nooooooo moreeeee VIP for são Paulo... Now A.J has to notice me in the middle of the crowd. Ahahahah love you guys!!!

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    Queremos mas meet para Chile. Que sabor tan amargo esperando el día de hoy porque ayer no pude comprar. Todo sold out. Y que se supone era el día de hoy con la venta general?? Que desilusión, no liberaron. Nada hoy.

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    #bsbvipfail Brazil :-(

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    #bsbvipfail La venta general nunca existió. TODO se agotó ayer para Chile! #bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail#bsbvipfail

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    Un precio totalmente exagerado para Sur america