News article image Soldier of the Month (November/December 2019): Meet Angela
January 06, 2020

Soldier of the Month (November/December 2019): Meet Angela

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Like many Backstreet Boys fans, Angela Coro’s favorite Backstreet Boys moment of 2019 had to do with the DNA World Tour.

When the boys made a stop in Raleigh, North Carolina, near where Angela lives, she was transformed back to being 13-years-old, attending her first Backstreet Boys concert with her mother.

“(When I was 13), we were third row from the stage,” she said. As the show was coming to an end, I noticed that security was started to put up barricades at the end of the rows on the floor. So, I decided to go post up next to it. When the show was over all the guys ran between the barricades and I reached out and touched AJ.”

The Raleigh stop on the DNA World Tour brought Angela back to those memories of when she was young, not only with her, but her mother, too. Her Mom, who has been a fan as long as Angela, is a Kevin girl.

“She took me to my first BSB concert,” she said. “So, when they came to Raleigh for the DNA tour, I returned the favor and took her. It was like I was 13 all over again.”

While she didn’t have floor seats or DNA Circle, AJ, her favorite member, made sure to make her night special once again.

“Once the show was over, AJ decided to come to the side of the stage, and he waved at me,” Angela, a mother of three, said. “Well he was probably waving at every one but it seemed as though he was looking right at me and waving.”

Fan Club Username: angelacoro

Twitter: @angelacoro

Where are you from? Sanford NC

What do you do for a living? I am a nurse but currently a stay at home mom with three wonderful kids.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am 32 years old. I am married to wonderful husband Bryon. He is a army Veteran. I have 3 wonderful kids, ages are 11, 9, and 20 months. I am a RN but currently a stay at home mom with plans to go back to work in the near future doing home health.

How long have you been a BSB fan? 23 lovely years

How did you become a fan? I heard their music on the radio and fell in love. I have been in love ever since.

What is your favorite BSB memory? My first and last concert BSB concert. Everything about it. My first concert was so surreal. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. My favorite part if that concert was when the guys came off stage at the end, they ran by us. I reached out and touched AJ. I was the happiest 13-year-old in the world. The last concert I went to was in Raleigh, the DNA tour. I haven’t been able to attend their concerts over the years due to travel. So it was like reliving my first concert. Everything about it was amazing. And, again, at the end of the concert AJ made my night. He came off the stage and wave to the crowd. It felt like he was waving just to me.

What is your favorite BSB song and why? “Yes I Will.” I have always loved that song and pictured playing it at wedding. Which we didn't get to have due to having to marry quickly so we could move to fort drum NY. The song is just so beautiful. It gets to me emotionally every time I hear it.

What is your favorite BSB video and why? “Quit play games with my heart.” It's my favorite for the obvious reason. They have their shirts off. Honestly it was the first video I seen of the boys. I fell in love with the video.

Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy and why? AJ is my favorite. I just love his attitude and compassion for his music and his family. He is so easy going. I love how he loves and appreciates his fans. He is also very handsome.

How has BSB impacted your life? Their music lifts me up when I am down. I have had some hard times and their music always puts a smile on my face.

What is your favorite thing about being a BSB fan? How they treat their fans. They appreciate their fans so much and show so much love.

What has been your favorite BSB moment over the past 26 years? My first and last concert. Both of which I went with my mom.

What's one thing you are most looking forward to with the future of the Backstreet Boys? The second leg of the DNA tour. I'm hoping to take my daughter and do a meet and greet. My daughter is a huge Nick fan. She gets so excited every time she hears their music. She reminds me myself. Their music has brought us closer together just like their music did me and my mom.