1. Laura Jackson avatar

    Will an ADELAIDE show be announced (given it was in the original schedule)?
    I paid for digital BSB membership purely for presale access to a concert which was then withdrawn from the Tour schedule... So I’m REEEEAAAALLLY hoping that an Adelaide show might be added... ????

  2. RealALivingston avatar

    I managed to get DNA Circle for NZ!!!! Cant wait. This will be my very first BSB Concert...How many guys will admit like me to loving BSB. :D

  3. KrystalNZ avatar

    See you from the DNA circle in Auckland NZ - Hell Yes!!!!! Thank you for the presale code love! Locked & loaded for May 16!

  4. jodes026 avatar

    Can someone please tell me what the VIP upgrade is? I have B reserve tickets and totally regretting it I want closer! Is the upgrade to upgrade tickets at all?

  5. Karina avatar

    will we have vip experience in Brisbane?

  6. Rebecca Fenech avatar

    What’s the pre sale code


    I happy for you guys in Australia, I went to the Birmingham ???????? concert and it was fantastic.
    I want to know are they going to finally do a concerts in South Africa. It be great to include South Africa as part of the tour.
    BSB biggest fan

  8. Anne Trinidad avatar

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. Can’t wait!!! ????????????????

  9. Mel Babbage avatar

    Woohoo so excited

  10. Jemma Taylor Cross avatar

    Will there be an Adelaide show?