1. Greta Alcantara Bringas avatar

    When you’re going to start to sell de meets??

  2. pam s hollenberg avatar

    3rd date of pre sale for exclussive fans at CDMX and its already sold out! really? could you please open 5 dates in total as in 2015¿?

  3. Rocio Hernandez Gallardo avatar

    No podemos comprar pit
    En ninguno de las ventas lo hemos logrado.
    Se satura la plataforma de ticket master y no lo hemos logrado. :(

  4. Laura Mattos avatar

    Rio de Janeiro is also sold out

  5. Pamela Saldivar avatar

    Hi , i would like to know , how to buy the FAN TICKETS for the dates news ?

  6. Pablo falero avatar

    Hi, I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I wanted to know if there will be a second backstreetboys show since there are no more tickets and there are still many people who didn't get tickets.
    with my wife my children kevin (12) and my daughter luana (8) we saved for tickets and we didn't get any more why they were sold out I regret the translation use the google translator thank you

  7. Caro Lauber avatar

    URUGUAY is also SOLD OUT!!!!!

  8. Carol_30 avatar

    Please one more date for Guadalajara

  9. thais da Silva blehm avatar

    Por Favor show extra no Brasil !!!!!!