1. Hello, my name is Fernando, I am from Brazil, I live in a small town in the interior of São Paulo. I love the Backstreet Boys so much, especially Nick Carter. I heard about the show that you would do in Brazil, I have no money, I take care of my mother and my brother is arrested, so all the money I have helping my family. I sold my own clothes, sold my cell phone so I could buy the Backstreet Boys concert ticket in Uberlandia.
    I would like to take a photo or selfie with Nick on the show ????????????, I couldn't sell all my stuff to buy a ticket near the stage. Help me realize this dream of meeting Nick Carter personally, since I was 9 years old I'm in love with him.
    thank you

  2. I have 2 DNA CIRCLE TICKETS for Sunday November 3rd and is looking to trade 2 DNA CIRCLE TICKETS FOR Tuesday November 5th. Please message me if you're interested

  3. HAWAII. Two sets of tickets for sale.
    Selling at cost. $360 for two (2) GAFloor Tickets. (Hard copy tickets)
    Two for Saturday, Nov 2
    Two for Sunday, Nov 3.
    Accepting Paypal, Venmo or Zelle
    Email me if you're interested. [email protected]


    I have (2) GROUND FLOOR BACKSTREET BOYS DNA Tickets available for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2019! These tickets are STANDING ROOM ONLY/NO SEATS. They are also UNASSIGNED SEATING. Which means where you stand is on a first come first served basis. In other words, the earlier you get to the venue the better chance you'll get at standing towards the front row!!! **Note** I tried to resell them where I originally purchased them, but due to the "PLATINUM SEATING" nature, they were not eligible for resell through the original selling company.** Due to SOLD OUT Shows, these particular "seats" and day, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 02 2019 are currently being sold on major ticket selling sites for $275.00 and UP EACH (not including tax & fees)! However, I am looking to sell mine for $175.30 ea. ×2 which does include all applicable tax and fees! For a total of $350.60. Which is EXACTLY WHAT I PAID FOR THEM ($154.00 plus $21.30 in tax & fees). Sorry, they will NOT be sold separately, only as a PAIR!!! I ended up getting Tickets for another day instead. Therefore, I am not looking to make a profit on these! I am simply hoping to sell these tickets and just get back EXACTLY what I paid for them just to break even. I have the tickets readily available in the form of a PDF FILE READY TO EMAIL. I will ONLY accept payment through PAYPAL to ensure a smooth transaction for you as the buyer and I as the seller! Once funds of $350.60 are available in my PayPal account, I will then IMMEDIATELY EMAIL TWO (2) NOVEMBER 2ND 2019 BACKSTREET BOYS DNA GROUND FLOOR/STANDING ROOM ONLY GENERAL ADMISSION CONCERT TICKETS AND ORIGINAL RECEIPTS AND INVOICE** TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS REGISTERED TO YOUR (BUYER) PAYPAL ACCOUNT ONLY! SORRY, I WILL NOT EMAIL TICKETS TO ANY ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Also, your PayPal account must be CONFIRMED! If you are interested in purchasing these tickets please contact me via my *mail tab on my BSB Fan Club profile* and we can discuss a transaction. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! And open to HAWAI'I RESIDENTS ONLY, because I want to give someone from my home state of HAWAI'I that chance to get tickets, someone in Hawai'i who GENUINELY wanted tickets for SATURDAY, but missed out before the price inflation! Our state rarely gets experiences like these, so it's nice to enjoy it when we can. Like I explained, I am NOT out to make a profit...I'm allergic to scalpers!???? If I don't manage to resell them, I will just have to go twice.? MAHALO NUI AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!

  5. HAWAII. Selling tickets at cost. $360 for two (2) GAFloor Tickets. Two for Saturday, Nov 2 OR Two for Sunday, Nov 3. Email me if you're interested. [email protected]

  6. There will be a 3rd show announcement for Hawaii 5/29/19. That's all I know.

  7. The presale "fan club" code was a joke. I got my code and within minutes all the allotted tickets for fan club members were sold. I tried to contact the fan club number (not surprising that you can't actually speak to anyone, only text...wth??). The auto-response was that they would contact me in 24 hours. Still, no text or contact. Just very disappointed in the fan club. I'll never see that money again!

  8. Ridiculous how the tickets are being re-sold at very high prices!

  9. Hi guys,

    I was lucky enough to get a GA / Floor ticket through the fan club sale for the SUNDAY show. THe saturday show had a crazy-long queue on the other hand and everything went so fast!! In today's sale, after 45 minutes of errors I actually got a DNA circle ticket for Saturday! I really want to go to both shows, but after letting the prices really sink in in the last hour :-P I think I should sell my Sunday ticket. It's about $181 with all the fees, if anyone is still in need of a ticket!


  10. I never received my code and I'm assuming the presale was gone when I tried but I've been a fan since elementary school. I've seen the boys in a bunch of different places but never here at home in Hawaii! I'm gonna be so bummed if I can't get tickets because scalpersare selling at ridiculous prices! I've waited for this for over 20 years!!!