1. PJB avatar

    Well Grammy event sold out quickly, I am very happy for BSB. I will be visiting Grammy museum at a later date.

  2. Kathyyy06 avatar

    Bsb lo mejor
    Chile los espera tambien??????

  3. Mirela Watson avatar

    Excited for the band, I don't understand why tickets cost $250 a pop.

  4. Karen Miska avatar

    Congratulations, guys!
    This will be epic... we hope everything turns out to be very beautiful!
    Hugs from Chile

  5. Alfonzso avatar

    Wow, this is awesome!! Even from over the ocean you feel connected this way to one of the best groups EVER! BSB4life!!
    Greetz from Antwerp, Belgium

  6. Julianna avatar

    Looking for more information on the event happening April 8! Please give us the opportunity fan club!

  7. JenAlysandria35 avatar

    One day I hope I can travel to go see it. ????

  8. Dayanna avatar

    It's exciting.
    Congratulations guys.
    I Love you

  9. alexsa2686 avatar

    This is so exciting!!

  10. April Servante avatar

    Hoping fans will get an opportunity to attend the event on April 8!