1. thumbup avatar

    OMG I love it

  2. julesm87 avatar

    Loving this album....you guys have done it again! I can't wait to see you in Vegas on Feb 6th.

  3. toaojjc avatar

    Been listening to it all day. Totally in love. Unfortunately my physical copy that I bought with my tickets is still on it's way, so just listening to the digital now....

  4. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    I am so excited about this album. It seems like it took forever to come out. But I suppose good things are worth waiting for. I cannot wait to go out and buy it cause I have not received my email about it being shipped when I bought my DNA world tour ticket. So I guess I have to go out and buy my own

  5. marissa0919 avatar

    I can't wait to go to target after work and get mine!! I looked online and the one by my house comes with a DNA t-shirt. :)

  6. Dayanna avatar

    New love and Passionate are my favorite songs

  7. Dayanna avatar

    It's a great álbum. I love it. It's amazing ????????????

  8. Petra83 avatar

    This DNA album is so great. It's unique!!Your DNA is circulating in our blood. Thank you for the next era of the Backstreet sequel. God bless you in the years to come. I love music for 24 years.#BSBDNA

  9. Julianna avatar

    Thank you.