1. Holly Bailey avatar

    Love the new song. Kinda has a Royals feel to it.

  2. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    Such amazing voices! There's nothing you guys can't do! No music or music while you guys sing, I love it all! Can't wait for the album & tour!! See you guys in August!!

  3. Dayanna avatar

    With this song I'm remenber because i love you.

  4. Dayanna avatar

    Oh my God. I really love this song. Their voices.... ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    I like the song. I like that I know the words too because we get a lyric video lol wont get co fused there.

  6. Saskia avatar

    I really love this song so much! And Don't Go Breaking My Heart and Chances and No Place and pretty much all your songs. Can't wait to finally get that new cd, that of course I pre-ordered months ago, in my hands! :-) Love from Belgium X