1. Lina Zoe avatar

    Espero lleguen pronto a Colombia, me encantaría conocerlos.
    Su música me hace muy feliz

  2. Robin Alabran avatar

    I was hoping to meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys on September 14th unfortunately I don't have a VIP pass to meet and greet with them so I was hoping to but I am going to be there on September 14th at the arena in Pittsburgh

  3. Sue Schuler avatar

    What about South American dates?!?!

  4. Tina Oddo avatar

    Can someone explain where I go to purchase VIP tickets? I need to meet them.

  5. Erica84LuvsAJ avatar

    Does anyone have 2 backstage passes they want to sell for the Orlando show?

  6. Valeria rolon avatar

    Por favor pido precios más accesibles para latino América argentina espera ansiosa su llegada es mucha la incertidumbre y ansias que tenemos por su llegada los amamos eternamente gracias por todo

  7. Nickynoe avatar

    I love you BSB

  8. Emma Hill avatar

    I just wish they would have a meet and greet package for just a photo. Something that’s cheaper than Vegas prices. I was wanting to see them again. I wanted to surprise my three friends that are going with me.

  9. Renajb avatar

    How can I purchase VIP tickets for the August 24th concert in Orlando Florida?

  10. Katie Godfrey avatar

    Why is the Meet & Greet so insanely expensive? That is a week’s salary for someone who earns $44,000 a year. I love BSB, but I can’t justify paying that much for a handshake and picture. I just saw 98 Degrees on their Christmas tour, and they had three tiers of meet and greet which made them much more accessible to their fans. It was such a great experience that made me love them even more, and I didn’t pay an arm and a leg and give up my first born for a chance to meet them.