1. JANEASTON avatar

    Can not wait for the new Album,even more excited and waiting patiently for news and dates on the world tour...London UK or even if i'm lucky like 1996 frontrow at the Brighton Centre East sussex... Massive fan from the start really hoping I get to meet u guys for my 40th Birthday 8th January 2019 as that would be the best present ever in my 39+ years....I know your on Chris Evans radio 2 friday 12th Oct (this friday coming) and Strictly Come Dancing Sat/Sun but is there anything else I need to look out for while your here in the UK? Safe journeys guys and see u very soon xx Jane Aston Brighton UK

  2. Sonia McColm avatar

    Absolutely buzzin for the release of the new album, if Don’t Go Breakin My Heart is anything to go by it’s going to be epic! Also can’t wait for the World tour!

  3. Michelle18 avatar

    So much going on! So exciting! Hope to see you for the first time next year for my 35th birthday in February. Love you boys!

  4. JSAUCE avatar

    I can't wait for the new album and I also can't wait for AJ's new solo album you guys take all the time you need to make the music as great as always has been for your loyal fans like me. Looking forward to it all.