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    Congratulations girlies!!! Yay Jen!!

  2. littledoll avatar

    next round? can we have different questions?

  3. littledoll avatar

    Love your true-to-life stories on how bsbmusic and family love have touched your lives to get through the rough patches <3 :o)
    *rasies hand* never fell out of love with Drowning <3 :o)
    Congrats Jocelyn and Jennifer

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    The Admin needs to monitor these comments, some are not BSB related at all and seem scam related. We do do not need these on here.

  5. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    Congrats to you both! I'd love to see the guys on The Big Bang Theory, one of my favorite shows!

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    Congrats to you both! Loved reading about y'all :)

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    Hey jen. Congrats!