1. marissa0919 avatar

    I am so glad i was able to get tickets for the April 19th show!!

  2. Mrs_Backstreet avatar

    Hello All!
    I’m planning on going to 6 February show with the poor hubby. If I come all the way from the UK I’ll have to get a VIP but obvs he won’t want one! I’m guessing it’s ok for one to do the VIP and then we just meet up at our seats later? Has anyone else done this?
    Soooo excited, not been able to see BSB for way too long!
    H :-)

  3. mars8664 avatar

    Just booked a trip from MASS to Vegas to see the Boys - figured it was a once in a lifetime to see so I'll be broke for a bit but the memories will be forever!! If anyone has space for 1 at a VIP table for 10/24 show - I will pay for the seat!! #BSB4EVER

  4. Clau Carter avatar

    So sad!! It has been the best show I've ever seen! I have no words to describe it. I laughed, I cried, I sang and enjoyed every moment in that show. Thank you so much BSB and see you soon again in november, can't wait to live that again!!!

  5. SarahNik3ole avatar

    If anyone has 2 or 4 tickets available for Table 7/9 any Friday or Saturday in April email me [email protected] the 4 tickets can be split between tables!

  6. alys_littrell avatar

    I want to go to celebrate my birthday with Brian feb 20!!!

  7. PrincessJen avatar

    Ahhh so bittersweet. I kinda wanted them to be there forever. My little heart has mixed emotions right now.

  8. Eloise07 avatar

    After party? Do they come to the after party and how much are tickets. Thanks.

  9. Nicholine avatar

    Gotta go in April for my birthday!!

  10. alishagflores avatar

    It would be awesome to know the afterparty dates! I want to purchase a ticket for the show on the same date as an afterparty!!!