1. mcleancarterfan avatar

    congratulations to you on being solider of the month

  2. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    Congrats!! Love all of your shirts!! I agree with you on wanting to the meet them, I'd love to. When I finally got to see them was on the In a world like this tour in 2014, I took my niece, my mom and sister in law with me. Yes I got my niece loving BSB. Congrats again!! If you want to, add me as a friend on here!!

  3. Dayanna avatar

    Oh, I love your story. It is amazing how Bsb has helped many of us in those depressing moments.
    I love your shirts :)
    Pd: I love Aj too :D

  4. HowiesPrincess avatar

    Congratulations! Love the shirt collection!

  5. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Congrats. I love all those shirts! I need some.