1. Eloise07 avatar

    Congratulations guys! I was there. I voted for you and was so happy for you that night. Thanks for coming out after the show and greeting the fans!

  2. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Congratulations to A.j, Howie,Brian, Kevin and Nick.

  3. Dayanna avatar

    Congratulations guys¡¡¡ Love you

  4. Sway_Shay avatar

    Congratulations guys!!! Well deserved award! :) xoxo

  5. HowiesPrincess avatar

    Congratulations, Boys! It was well deserved after all of your hard work and effort <3

  6. KTHDPA avatar

    Congratulations :-D

    I can´t wait to hear the new album, pls don´t forget the Song spotlight.

    We miss you here in europe it´s so hard to say all the thinks in the usa

  7. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    Seeing two of my favorite bands together, I love it!!! I'm happy you guys & FGL won that award!! Also loved your performance! Lots of love from Michigan