1. nmb356 avatar

    I'm going to the 11/11 after party this Saturday alone, I purchased the general admission ticket. Any other BSB fans going alone that want to meet up with me?! I'm single, 32 and been a fan for 20 years, yay!! Would love to meet up with a fellow BSB fan at the after party!! Email me: [email protected]

  2. Justin Ti avatar

    So true ...remember the Afterparty in Hamburg ...wasso great ... not like that in Guthenberg in Sweden but ... great enough.

  3. marielitaeg avatar

    Krys [email protected] your mail is reboot could you send me how can I contact you.

    I will be there on the 18th

    Me gustaria unirme a una mesa quien quiera me puede escribir a [email protected]

  4. khrys avatar

    Hi everybody. I arrived in Las Vegas with a friend on the 14th and we would like to go to the after party on the 18th. I have seen that the VIP tickets with tables are for 5 or 10 people. We would like to buy them but we need people to fill the sites and pay for each other. It would be about $100 approx. if someone is planning to go and as we do not know anyone can talk and share the tables. I also wanted to know if the backstreetboys are going to be there? Contact me Krys [email protected]

  5. khrys avatar

    How can I buy the after Party tickets on the 18th without being a member of the fan club? Please help me. I don't know how to do it

  6. Daniellita avatar

    That's not fare and it really sucks because we come from so far to get the whole experience, concert and after party . We are very disappointed my concert is on Friday nov 10 and back to my country on Saturday so impossible to be in the after party please consider all your Fans from the world

  7. SonyaPring avatar

    Please consider doing one on the 8th to jump start Part 2!

  8. Daniellita avatar

    Huh? What happened to the November 10 date? Please open this DAY TOO!!!!!!

  9. Ginamorgbash avatar

    What’s a meet, and greet like with BSB?

  10. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Omg. How I would love the chance to go back to Vegas. Everyone who is have fun and be safe