News article image Watch a Die-Hard Fan Meet the Backstreet Boys After Epic, Tearjerker Surprise From Her Sister!
June 28, 2017

Watch a Die-Hard Fan Meet the Backstreet Boys After Epic, Tearjerker Surprise From Her Sister!

And the sister of the year award goes to… Yvette Hernandez!

In May, Yvette surprised her 34-year-old sister Jessie, who has Down Syndrome, with tickets to see the Backstreet Boys at their recent KTUphoria gig at Jones Beach Theatre in New York.

Asking Jessie to read the words “You are going to see the Backstreet Boys,” one-by-one off cards she was holding up, Yvette’s epic gesture caused her sister to fall to the floor and sob uncontrollably as the exciting news sunk in.

“So, this morning I surprised my Jessie Wessie (who is Down Syndrome, has severe thyroid problems and dwarfism for those who don't know her) with tix to Backstreet Boys,” she captioned a video of the surprise on YouTube. “She's loved them forever. I decided to record her expression not knowing she'd react this way.”

“I just wanted to share her reaction because it really touched me, and others when I showed them,” Yvette continued. “They told me I should share it because my sister’s beautiful soul deserves this and so much more. Every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes and I thank God that I'm able to make her dream to see them in concert come true.”

Jessie has been living with Yvette since their mother died of lung cancer two years ago. Yvette’s daughter insisted that she film the moment that she surprised Jessie with the concert tickets, and encouraged her to post the emotional video online.

At the end of the video’s caption, Yvette added, “Hoping Ellen DeGeneres can help us meet them backstage.”

However, there was no need for DeGeneres to intervene after the Backstreet army got to work sharing the post all over social media in the hope that the GRAMMY nominated band would see it.

And see it, they did!

“This made my day, Jessie!” tweeted AJ McLean, a few days after the video went live. “Making sure that you get to come backstage as my guest.”

Within hours Kevin Richardson had retweeted McLean’s post, adding, “It's done! We WILL see & meet you at Jones Beach!”

The big moment went down earlier this month in New York and as our video shows, the group were thrilled to meet such a die-hard fan.

“Want a photo? Come on in!” said Nick Carter.

“This is your sister? She hooked you up with these tickets right? She surprised you,” added Richardson. “That was amazing.”

“That was a great video,” agreed Howie Dorough, giving Yvette a big thumbs-up then asking Jessie for a hug.

As for Jessie, she’s still buzzing from the dream encounter with the band, who are preparing to wrap up another run of their Larger Than Life residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas this week, before taking a break from Sin City until November.

“She was so excited to meet with them -- that's all she talked about for days in anticipation for the day of the concert,” Yvette tells us. “Dreams really do come true.”

Watch Jessie’s big moment go down below!

By Leena Tailor / @LeenaTailor