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  1. Camarogirl67 avatar

    The biggest moment is Backstreet Boys history would have to be 2012 when Kevin rejoined BSB again. All of us fans had missed him and now we are glad he's back with BSB (and hopefully for a long time), as well as the release of DNA! Love the DNA album and cannot wait to see you all in concert BSB! I've been a fan since I first hear "Quit Playin' Games with My Heart" and will always be a fan. I will finally get see you (BSB) in concert for the first time (for me) in a couple of months! BSB always and forever!

  2. Nancy Archeval avatar

    The biggest moment in BSB history was the In A World Like This Tour. That is because the Backstreet Boys did a comeback after a few years of not being on tour. There they realized that the fans that have been supporting them for many years were still there. That was the first tour I ever attended with my sister in 2013. And I was so surprised at the amount of people I saw at that concert. Then after that, was the DNA World Tour in 2019. That tour was extended to this year. Also, the Las Vegas Residency was an amazing turning point for the Backstreet Boys.

  3. moonmermaid83 avatar

    I would say the release of their newest album DNA has been their biggest moment in history. Although their previous albums included many amazing hits, the timing was off. I think the timing was perfect for the release of DNA. BSB fans were eager as ever as well as the general public. Everything just exploded like it did when they released Millennium. Next to Millennium, DNA is their strongest album with an eclectic mix of songs for every emotion. The tour has been a huge success ever since and is still going on strong. I'm so proud of my boys. KTBSBPA!!!

  4. zzlittlebearzz avatar

    Them having there supporting family

  5. Nathlis avatar

    Difícilmente se puede elegir un evento en un lapso de tantos años, pero yo creo que algo que los hizo ponerse de nuevo a la vanguardia en música y en el gusto de nuevas generaciones, ha sido el Disco DNA. Con nuevos sonidos e imagen. Gracias a esto, vuelven a países que hace mucho no visitaban... "DNA WORLD TOUR" ???

  6. claussss_ avatar

    festival de viña Del Mar, Recordó mas 21 años de trayectoria y mil recuerdos increíbles! De nuestra adolescencia, fue un reencuentro esperado por muchos años!!! Lejos lo mejor del 2019

  7. Mariela torres avatar

    Definitivamente 2019, al incluir a steve aoki en let it be me ya que esta canción sigue teniendo el sello bsb pero intenta expandir sus seguidores y seguir presente en eventos masivos con estos festivales de música electrónica que hacen a nivel mundial, no sólo es el mantenerse vivos si no descubrir cosas interesantes en el camino

  8. Vianni avatar

    Now is the biggest moment. They come back whit a New album and the tour of DNA, and they are still the best ever around the World.

  9. Daniela Herrera avatar

    The fact that each country they tour with the DNA tour after 17 years, each one of them is a sold out!!!! I got to meet them in Mexico City at the M&G after having a rough year dealing with depression and anxiety and when I met them it was the first time in two years that I cried of happiness. That was priceless ??

  10. KSangAnderson avatar

    I think their Vegas residency was a major honour! I dragged groups of friends to multiple Vegas shows, and all of them are now huge BSB fans - it was such a great way to showcase all the songs people loved from the last 27 years!

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