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It's time! We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight as July's Soldier of the Month.

To enter, answer the following question: The Backstreet Boys have been a part of several television shows - from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" to "Undatable." If you could pick a scripted (fictional) television show for the boys to be a guest star on, which would you pick and why?

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  1. littledoll avatar

    Love that with Blue Bloods <3 :o)

    There is this new show that I have watched recently and the show is "Suits." I get to see it from time to time. What I'd like to see is an inside look on how it went down with what happened with the boys and the hoopla with Lou Pearlman. Does not have to be the reality of it all but just a look at it.

    The show is amaze-balls. Before, I loved watching a lot of police and court shows and stuff like that. But for a while, I've been avoiding tv.

    I love Big Bang Theory as well. Got to catch a few episodes before.

    But anywzys, that is just an additional thought with one of the shows that will be cool for the boys to make an appearance on.

    What about with Blue Bloods the boys are one of the new cops? Cool, ain't it? lol

  2. Katie avatar

    If I had to pick a scripted television show for the boys to appear on I would pick Blue Bloods. I’d like to see how tough they’d be to be interrogated by former tour mate Donnie Wahlberg’s character Danny. And plus, who doesn’t like a bad boy from time to time?

  3. nanicpc avatar

    I would said  « la casa de papel » in its new season it seams like the actors would be involved in exciting histories all around the world. Why not having the bsb guys helping one of them scape in one of their concerts. That could be an awesome adventure

  4. Jamie bonagura avatar

    I would have to say Vampire Diaries .. It reminds me of the song Everybody .. what wouldn’t be more entertaining then seeing the guys playing HOT Vampires !!! Yes please!!! I think the guys would play that role perfectly

  5. Claudia Cappadora avatar

    What about the boys taking part in Game of Thrones, dressed up as white walkers and secretly doing dance moves for “Everybody”? ?????? I would love to see that!

  6. Perla02 avatar

    The Big Bang Theory, as secret investigators disguised BSB, sent to watch Sheldon for doing something illegal on accident. Each one specialized on different areas. I totally see Kevin as the new professor or Sheldon's boss though. Them not knowing they are huge celebs and Penny being a big fan girl stalking them making it hard for them to do their investigations.

  7. Line avatar

    I would love to see the guys on orange is the new black. The series is funny and fit the humor the guys have. I think they obviously could be pretty hot as guards on the show, or maybe even some new inmates? We all know Nick likes to dress up as a woman, and after that 90ies night I guess we also know that they all could pass for beautiful women aswell! :)

  8. djyankeegurl avatar

    What about the show, "Workaholics?" The boys love to laugh, tell jokes, and prank each other while having fun doing what they do.

    Episode 272 (bsb) Frack without the frick would just be kaos.

  9. JLS_McLean avatar

    Psych! Pineapples, Magic Head, musical episode...awwww yeah, son!

  10. bgznbsb avatar

    Will and Grace just because it’s my favorite show and they have the best sense of humor so they would be willing to do anything.

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