1. Adil Ak avatar

    I’m so excited I’ll finally watch them live,,, It’s sad that when I purchased the vip package it said meet and greet and when I went to BSB web it said sold out

  2. PrincessJen avatar

    Uggggggggghhhh my dream is to see one of their concerts abroad!! I even have family living in Dubai....alas....I guess this just means more Vegas runs for me LOL

  3. Lyndsey avatar

    Just been surprised with flights & BSB tickets to Dubai! Can’t actually believe it!
    Coming from the UK with my mum to celebrate her 60th birthday & my last holiday as a ‘miss’ as I get married in Orlando on 5th July.

    Can’t wait for BSB, dancing and sunshine! Boys you are all very welcome to perform our first dance song at the wedding... or even a shout out in Dubai would be AMAZING!!

    Love to you all, Lyndsey x

  4. AngelaRossChing avatar

    I can't believe this!!! Finally after years of waiting you're back!!! Nick!!! I can't wait to see you!!!

  5. KathLaine avatar

    Hope to meet them ooohh love these guys and their songs!

  6. Alyaa Almansoori avatar

    Finallllly after 8 years ... soooooooo happpy .. have been a fan since 1995 ??????????

  7. BrainHasMyHeart avatar

    Sage travels guys

  8. Madiha avatar

    kindly help me i have purchased vip ticket i want to upgrade to meet n greet session

  9. neyza avatar

    OMG!!!!! I can't believe this..am I dreaming? backstreet's back alright!

  10. Sherin Hamid avatar

    Finally!!! Cant wait to see you guys. So excited!!!!!