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We're looking for one member of the BSB Army to highlight Soldier of the Month!

To enter, answer the following question: What is the craziest thing you've done during a concert to get a Backstreet Boy's attention?

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  1. Jolanda_van_Santbergen avatar

    I was making the "love/heart" signal with my hands and waving it to the left and right. The song "love somebody" was playing. The song is not slow, so my hands are going to the left and right very fast (haha). Aj saw that and he dit the same to me back. Then he was giving an air-kiss, it was an amazing and funny moment. This moment is also on youtube with IAWLT @ Oostende Belgium. Greetz Jolanda

  2. victoria spratford avatar

    Usually when I know I will be going to a concert or for instance the cruise- I have shirts made. One that really sticks out is during picture day for BSB CRUISE 2018, my group and I had shirts made up where we all matched. The boys absolutely loved it!! Especially Kevin, he was like your shirts are amazing and thank you so much for coming. Even after the pictures were done we still wore our shirts and the boys recognized us. It was amazing. It was the first time meeting them and I will NEVER forget it as long as I live.

  3. marissa0919 avatar

    I am going to vegas here is April for a show and I have Pit Tickets. I plan on making me and my mom shirts for the concerts and being in the front row. It is my dream just to make eye contact with one of them.

  4. poster_girl_sarah avatar

    I went to a lot of Concerts over the years and i can remember some crazy things that I have done to try to meet them but when the concert started and I was front row the only thing I did to draw the attention was just waving . But just to get to that front row i slept in front of a few concert halls, and never in summer Times... , we drove around Oberhausen after the concert to try to follow the boys to the hotel, we tried to sneak in on the back to get to see them when leaving a concert, I once’s went to londen just to go to a bowling event with Howie to give him the money we raised in Belgium for DLF . In my family’s opinion all crazy stuff but as a fan I guess it is just normal

  5. magicflute82 avatar

    I'm not sure I've done anything crazy during a concert, but I have done crazy things around concert time! We tried to sneak out back to get a glimpse of the guys. I have tried to find their hotel. I've waited overnight in the snow and rain for standing room only. An extra crazy thing I've done was my very first concert. My sister was driving and as we left the concert, another vehicle was trying to get our attention as we decorated the car for the show. At a red light, we stopped near the car and they were trying to hand us something. Not knowing who this was or what they were reaching out for, I leaned halfway out of the car to take a hold of this unknown item. The moment I realized what was in my hands, I started screaming. It was an official signed picture of the Backstreet Boys. The very first signed picture I've ever received! Little did I know then that I would have multiple items signed by them as well as multiple times to have me them!

  6. EliaEsther avatar

    It was not the most crazy thing but if the most special, it was in 2002 in Mexico when they invited me to go on stage to give a check for donations to the Howie Foundation (DLF)

    El día más especial para mi

  7. Laura Kain avatar

    Oops 2017 I meant

  8. Laura Kain avatar

    I’m March 2007, in Vegas, I squeezed next to a a guy and stood in his spot with him as Aj walked down the aisle and luckily he grabbed my hand. I felt terrible for being rude but apologized to him and he didn’t mind. It was my first time being close to Aj and I was sooo overly excited because I had no clue he would be walking past my section.

  9. laniguidry14 avatar

    Everytime Backstreet Boys has come to New Orleans in the past I was there— except the last time when they came with nkotb... I was never a nkotb fan and same time I had a newborn and couldn’t make it!!! Literally the most depressing night of my life!!! The last time I’ve seen them was the millennium tour I was 8 years old; I’ve always been crazy for Brian but that night the security came and held up baracades well my mom said go hurry so I stood at the gate the whole end of the concert and sure enough when the guys left the stage they passed right there. I was so sad I didn’t get to touch Brian however I was yelling at the top of my lungs omg kevin touch my hand Kevin—- well he definitely touched my hand and not just a little touch he gave a full on hand shake and looked at me and said “hey babe, you look excited” I didn’t know what to do; although Kevin was always my mother’s favorite I definitely rubbed that in her face and I was so heartbroken that I couldn’t get Brian’s attention but I was greatful enough that I had that opportunity. Needless to say I kept my hand held closed shut the whole ride home which is about 1.5-2hr drive and fell asleep with it. As disgusting as it may sound I did not wash my hand for two days because I wanted to cherish the moment!!! I still remember it like it were yesterday and Kevin with his orange tank top and hunter green pants!!! Well my birthday is in September my mom is August and I purchased tickets for her and I to go have a date night on august 30th in New Orleans. It really hit me this last weekend that it’s been years since I’ve had the chance to see the guys so the inner fan girl came out and I literally bursted into tears as I cannot wait to finally be able to be in the same room as BSB more than anything see my one true love Brian again!!! My husband can accept it because he will never compare; Brian was my one first true love and still to this day is!!! I’m in complete estatics for august 30th to be here!!!!

  10. Sarah Goss avatar

    I never been to the backstreet boys concert before. I would be up front waving with my hand in the other hand screaming and having fun! I hope that one of them would walk up and get a photo at a concert. I am going to one of the backstreet boys concert this year!!

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